Measurement index of citizenship Social Capital in newurbanism neighborhoods(Case study: Yaghchyan area of Tabriz metropolitan)


1 tabriz university

2 ahvaz univercity


Citizenship behavior and social capital are both important and interdisciplinary that it has special place in filed of urban management today. social capital In today's world as a whole is communication and social networks that can make sense of cooperation and trust among the members of a society. Given that social capital is a key to the establishment of civil society Therefore the aim of this study was to measure the components of social capital in community’s new urban citizenship (Yaghchyan area of Tabriz metropolitan). Procedure descriptive research study - an analysis that population, residents Yaghchyan that the sample size is obtained by the formula 384 Cochran. The results indicate that in the confidence level of 95 percent, there is a significant relationship between studied variables. The results indicate that the direct effect of social capital on the link on social capital is equal to 0.733 which shows that for a unit change in the variable linking social capital, social capital will change the rate of 0.733. According to the results of the regression analysis, social capital variables as well as the connections and related directly and indirectly influenced the social capital variables. Direct and indirect effects of social capital variables are respectively 0. 425 and 0.932 respectively are connected. It also influences the social capital variables are equal to0. 119 and 0.930.