The study of cooperation rate of women village in village development( case study: Emamzadeh-jafar Rural District -Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province)


In today's world more participation of people in all of social aspects knows as the main features of civil society and development of a country. In worldwide the most concentration is on how to achieve developmental goals. Obtaining character is depending on participation which involves getting out private and personal activities area. So nowadays the entire attempt is done for development of a country considers to participation of women. This study has been done for examining rural women participation level in rural development in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province. This writing examines this question that what is the role of women in development by more participation of them.
Statistical community of this study involves the women who were older than 15 from rural district of EmamZadeh-Jafar which the number of them was 4338.Then a sample of 300 were selected by Cochran's formula. Our sampling method in this kind of study is random sampling. For gathering data we have used from Questionnaire technique, and for analyzing data SPSS's software was used. Also some statistical tests like T, Person and ANOVA have been used.
The studies shows that there is no direct relationship among ,trust ,Satisfaction, knowledge and social participation ,but there is direct relationship between some components like motivation, social status and level of using media and women social participation. Also there is direct relationship between age and the rate of women social participation. There is significant difference between the rate of social participation of single and married people.